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Black Label Edibles 1000mg
$35 For 1$35.00$60 For 2$60.00DELIVER NOW
MOB Small Nug Run 
$20 for 1$20.00$70 for 4$70.00DELIVER NOW
MOB Trim Run Shatter
$30 for 2$30.00DELIVER NOW
Dr. Zodiak Moonrock Cartridges 
$25 for 1$25.00$100 for 5$100.00DELIVER NOW
Purple Punch Shatter
$20 for 1$20.00$80 for 5$80.00DELIVER NOW
Dabwood Full Gram Wood Tip Cartridges
$25 for 1$25.00$80 for 4$80.00DELIVER NOW
MOB Half Gram Disposable Pen
$25 for 1$25.00$60 for 3$60.00DELIVER NOW
MOB Dab Dart Syringes
$25 for 1$40.00$100 for 5$100.00DELIVER NOW
Cookies Full Gram Cartridges
$25 for 1$25.00$100 for 5$100.00DELIVER NOW
STNDRD Half Gram Disposable 
$30 for 1$40.00$75 for 3$100.00DELIVER NOW
STNDRD Premium One Gram Cartridges
$40 for 1$40.00$100 for 3$100.00DELIVER NOW
Space Monkey (indica)
1/4$65.001/8$35.001/2$120.00OZ$200.00DELIVER NOW
Pineapple Fritz (sativa)
1/8$30.001/4$50.001/2$90.00OZ$160.00DELIVER NOW
XJ-13 (sativa)
1/8$35.001/4$60.001/2$100.00OZ$180.00DELIVER NOW
Hellsfire OG (indica)
1/8$40.001/4$70.001/2$120.00OZ$200.00DELIVER NOW
Zkittles Nug Shake (hybrid)
1/2$40.00OZ$70.00DELIVER NOW
Nug Shake Salad (hybrid)
1/4$30.001/2$50.00OZ$80.00DELIVER NOW
Tahoe OG *Seeds* (indica)
1/8$25.001/4$70.001/2$70.00OZ$120.00DELIVER NOW
Dolati (indica)
1/8$35.001/4$65.001/2$120.00OZ$200.00DELIVER NOW
Og Popcorn Shake (indica)
1/4$30.001/2$50.00OZ$85.00DELIVER NOW
Skywalker OG (indica)
1/8$35.001/4$60.001/2$120.00OZ$200.00DELIVER NOW
Banana Bread (hybrid)
1/8$30.001/4$55.001/2$100.00OZ$170.00DELIVER NOW
Boss og (hybrid)
4 g Special$25.001/4$40.001/2$70.00OZ$120.00DELIVER NOW
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